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Where we came from and what we do...

After working for several years in the musical instruments distribution industry in Canada, Allan Sharp recognized that dealers needed better terms than suppliers were offering if they were to properly inventory their stores. Banks were not cooperative, and paying suppliers within a month or two led to small quantity orders. The answer was to develop a finance company that could offer suppliers extended term payment plans to assist their dealers. Allan took steps to fill this niche in 1982, and A&J Sharp Investments Inc. was born!

Since its inception, many suppliers have eagerly embraced the program. They have seen the immediate benefits of dramatic increases in sales, as their vendors are able to purchase higher volumes of inventory because of the extended payment term option. With over 40 years of hands-on involvement in the musical instrument distribution marketplace, Allan has personally visited close to 80% of the music stores from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. Knowing the industry and the people intimately provides a personal touch that traditional banks and larger finance companies can't match. Dealers feel comfortable and confident working with the A&J Sharp Investments team. Consequently, they are less apprehensive when making those additional inventory orders that suppliers look forward to.

A&J Sharp Investments is proud to partner with many Canadian and American manufacturers and distributors. Please contact us to learn how you can share the success!

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